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Meet David


Thank you for coming to this page with an interest in finding out who I am.

My name is David Fitch. I am blessed with a vocation that allows me to help families through very difficult times, and watch them come out on the other side feeling more comfortable and peaceful than they thought was possible.

I am a second-career attorney. Prior to law, I was in charge of labor/management relations for several large organizations. I negotiated labor contracts, handled grievances and arbitrations on behalf of management, and general contract administration. I worked days and went to night law school. When I joined the Minnesota Bar, I kept doing the same work as an attorney. Several significant life events happened, and I started seminary and began to do legal work for seniors in the high rises of South Minneapolis. That was the beginning of my elder law experience, which is now Elder Law Services.

Over the years, the most impactful relationships that I have had have been with individuals in their later years. I have always placed a great value on those that are older and wiser, and that is still true to this day. This Bible verse sums up my belief and actions pretty well: Job 12:12 Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.

Someone recently asked me this question, “If money were of no concern, what would you do?” Without hesitation I responded, “The same thing that I am doing right now, helping families and their elders work through challenges in their later years.”

Here’s bio trivia: I was born in Iowa. I lived in a lot of places growing up. My parents loved to travel in the summer, and when I graduated from High School in Houghton, Michigan, I had been in 41 of the 50 states. I have now been in 47 of the 50 states. I am a loyal Iowa State University Alumni. I have logged 16 years of school as a student since H.S. I have taught evening bachelor’s and master’s levels classes for 24 years. (Five of those student and teacher years overlapped) I am ordained and spent six years as an associate pastor in an inner-city church. My wife and I are approaching our 50th anniversary in just a few years. Our daughter is a doctor in the Navy. We live in the country with dogs and horses and an occasional mouse.

Every day is a Gift! Open it up and enjoy it!