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Paying For Long-Term Care

“Medical Assistance – The only way most Minnesotans can afford the high costs of long-term care!”

Medical assistance planning addresses eligibility requirements and the methods available by law to shelter assets for the benefit of the applicant and often the well spouse, if married.

Federal and Minnesota law and regulations govern Medical Assistance/Medicaid. (The terms Medicaid and Medical Assistance are used synonymously in this discussion and will be abbreviated “MA.”) Generally speaking, the Federal government provides the money. State governments pass their own laws that are supposed to conform to the Federal law. The State’s County Governments provide the administration and disbursement functions to deliver the required aid to the eligible public.

MA, unlike Medicare, is not an entitlement program of the Social Security system. It is a separate means-based program that has asset limitations and income rules that determine the eligibility of persons applying for benefits. MA can be likened to the Internal Revenue Service Code that provides rules and regulations regarding the collection and payment of income taxes. Both taxes and MA have detailed language that spells out the rules for how to apply the law and they both identify certain exceptions that may reduce the financial impact to the individual citizen. The fact that MA is controlled by both Federal rules and State rules provides for challenges and opportunities in developing the appropriate plan for you and your loved one.

Elder Law Services has a good working understanding of Minnesota law and Federal law in these matters and is ready to assist clients in the Twin Cities, statewide, and out-of-state clients with loved ones who reside in Minnesota. Nursing home and assisted living costs continue to rise and MA regulations continue to get more complicated. This is why detailed and knowledgeable planning is critically important to everyone.

Most people come to Elder Law Services not knowing what their options are or where to turn. They may have felt that they waited too long or that their resources are so limited that there is no reason to plan. Most aren’t sure what to do. Many have gone online to research the MA issues themselves and end up more confused than when they started. We can answer the questions and clear away the confusion of “too much information.”

A common reaction by people, just like you, is relief when they learn that there are viable options. Knowing about these options can take a great burden off your shoulders. Just like any other area of life planning, the earlier you start the process the more options are available to you. Experienced legal counsel can be a great asset when making decisions concerning MA planning. Don’t make decisions without knowing all your options.

Elder Law Services can help you today with decisions that affect your future and that of your family.

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