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Planning For Your Future And Your Legacy

We all know it is important to plan for the future, but many of us delay coming up with plans that will help our families for many years to come. That is unfortunate, because preparing for your later years and planning for your estate are not just good things to do for yourself, but they are great ways to save your loved ones a lot of heartache and to help provide for them after you are gone.

Theresa Johnson Law, PLLC helps people plan for the long-term needs of their families and themselves through estate planning and elder law. These areas of the law cover a wide range of legal matters and address a wide variety of personal and financial concerns. When you come to Theresa Johnson Law, PLLC for help with elder law and estate planning, our lawyer takes the time to learn about you, your family, your needs and your hopes for the future, so that you can have a plan that works for you and your family.

Wills And Trusts

Typically, when a person passes away, a probate court must decide how to transfer his or her assets to another person. If the person left a valid will, the court transfers the property according to the person's wishes. If there is no will, the court transfers the assets according to one-size-fits-all guidelines, which can lead to a result that is very different from what the person would have wanted, or what that person's family members need.

By meeting with a qualified lawyer to draft your estate plan, you can avoid that unhappy scenario and make sure you don't leave behind a legal mess. Theresa Johnson Law, PLLC helps clients create well-crafted wills that will give them peace of mind, save their loved ones a lot of trouble and provide a lasting legacy.

Theresa Johnson Law, PLLC can also help with trusts, which are more advanced forms of estate planning that can be customized to suit many purposes. Trusts can help you and your loved ones preserve assets by avoiding estate taxes, provide for charities, protect vulnerable loved ones and more.

Elder Law

Estate planning is primarily concerned with what happens after you are gone, but elder law is concerned with the legal needs of the aging and those who care for them. For example, as people get older, they often need help making sure their finances are in order to deal with the medical problems and other issues that come with aging. They may also need to make sure their loved ones have legal authority to make financial and personal decisions for them in case they are no longer able to do so for themselves.

Theresa Johnson, working with Elder Law Services, PLLC, helps clients and their loved ones with such elder law matters as powers of attorney, health care directives, deeds, medical assistance planning and more. These are sensitive issues, and everyone at Theresa Johnson Law, PLLC is committed to treating you with compassion and respect.

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